Gift Guide for Holiday Season

         If you are anything like us, you’ve got a long list of girlfriends that you want to surprise for the Holidays with a little tiny something. Every year we need to find many perfect gifts so we can put smiles on the faces of those that we love and care for so much. It can definitely get expensive if you have a big family too. We promised to be helpful, so here is a list of ten gift ideas for your girlfriends that are not just cute, but more importantly useful and Instagrammable.


  1. Candle. Now that the evenings are longer and winter is coming, one of the most perfect gifts for the holidays would to be a candle. You can never have too many, since there are candles for so many different moods and occasions.
  2. Room Spray. Find the the perfect one to apply to your sheets, furniture or just the air in the room. It helps to create a relaxing environment.
  3. Kate Spade Wine Opener. Perfect for the hostess, there is no fancier way to open a bottle of wine when she has guests over.
  4. Hand Cream. Make sure to get your friend one. Maybe even a ravel-size? It’s a little thing that always gets lost, or you never have one at the office. Long story short: we all had a time when we wish we had hand cream. 
  5.  Trinket Dish. Could you actually live without one? I always tend to misplace my rings or bracelets, and, especially if they are pricey, I’m guaranteed five minutes of anxiety just like that, so trust me – your girlfriend will only thank you for it!
  6. Table Coasters. There are so many to choose from! I would buy them all if I only could. They’re not only useful, but also a very cute addition to a coffee table or living room.
  7. Bracelet. Jewelry always has sentimental attachments, whether it be your favorite piece to wear or one that was given to you by someone you love.
  8. Gisou Hair Oil. Besides how beautiful the bottle and packaging is, this stuff really works. It’s from fellow blogger Negin Mirsalehi’s collection that she created herself. People forget to put themselves first, so take care of your friend.
  9. Body Scrub. In general, I say to avoid giving facial skincare products as gifts because everyone is very particular about that, but good body scrubs or a few samples are always welcomed.
  10. Planner. 2017 is about to wrap, can you believe it? This year flew by. Does she have a new planner yet?  We have iPhones and iPads and we are all super techie, but no one cancelled on cute planners or notebooks yet.

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Happy Gifting!

Your NDS Duo



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