Retro Stripes with Lisa Olsson

       I absolutely love Lisa OlssonShe is not just a pretty face, she is also a great stylist. I love the way she is mixing different styles, but is still capable of sticking to a natural look. She keeps this image of light, air and coziness. For the most part I see her favor pastel colors over any bright or screaming ones. 


         But there is this outfit that I just absolutely adore, and I’ve noticed that most of her followers do to. The “retro stripes” shirt in the combination with beige high waisted pants.

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       How many times have you had the “aha moment” when you saw some cool outfit on your social media news feed? Finding things on there that you love and then being able to spot places where you can shop for them is the best feeling! And the BEST feeling EVER is when you see the price and know you can actually afford it! I fell in love with the combination of pieces & color matching in this picture from the first sight. So I began the hunt: shirtnecklace and flated pants.

Follow me, because we can guide each other to the most beautiful destination: style.



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