One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

      Make up remover and cleanser, my every night routine. Well, it used to be until just recently. I was introduced to Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil a couple of weeks ago. As a side note, we’ll talk about the benefits of facial oils on a future post. Today, we’d like to concentrate on this specific product. Some of you might have seen this cute bottle on our Instagram story the other day, but we decided to share it as a post as well so whoever is interested could come back and learn why this cleanser is on our “must have” list.

    I’m very particular when it comes to makeup removal. I will take as many steps as possible to be sure my makeup is gone COMPLETELY. The idea of going to sleep with makeup on is terrifying to me, so I went all in for One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil.

       I picked up this product out of curiosity. I’ve read reviews about it, but sometimes reviews are not enough. Remember, we all have unique skin and things that working fantastic on mine might not give you the same results and vice versa. So my beauty Bible says to find out for yourself. So I did.

      I have a problem when it comes to instructions. I simply forget to check if they even exist, unless it’s a mask or exfoliator. As I would do with any cleanser, I applied the cleansing oil on my damp skin, but right away I could see that something was off. The first question I asked myself was “What is the rave all about?” Instantly it was a big “no go” for me…until I looked at the bottle (yes, it was about time, lol) which instructed me to use  “…one or two pumps on dry hands and then massage onto dry face”. Done and done. It wasn’t love at first sight, but we worked it out.

 Even if I already like a product, I still go back to try to educate myself about the ingredients and benefits it has that others don’t. Technically, you can find tons of cleansing oils at this point, so why Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil?  

  • It has no sulfates or parabens. My only complaint is that it contains fragrances.
  • I love that it was formulated to remove makeup from around the eyes. This made up for the fragrance part!
  • What is the most annoying part of your makeup removing routine? Would you agree if I said eye makeup? Eyeliners are not easy to remove, UNLESS you do it with Tatcha’s Cleansing Oil. It will literally melt your makeup off.
  • Japanese camellia oil, which is the main ingredient, is rich in vitamins A, B, D, and E and nourishing Omegas 3, 6, and 9. The product not only cleanses, but also nourishes your skin.
  • I know the word “oil” will scare many of you and I understand why, but I have combination skin myself. Since I started using the product, I haven’t had any breakouts and my skin looks less oily.
  • Annnnnnd…there is no need to double clean. Your skin is ready for the next treatment right away.

       Are you convinced yet? Because we aren’t done. The most important part is that with a purchase of a full-sized Tatcha skincare item, you will help fund a day of school for one incredible girl. Tatcha has partnered up with Room to Read and together they have already funded one million days of school. Their Girls’ Education Program was created to ensure that girls won’t be pulled out of school to help at home so they have a chance for a good education and employment in the future. “When girls stay in school, life improves…for everyone”.

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