My Valentino Love

      My favorite piece in my closet is this green Valentino coat. I’ve had it for about three or four years now, and I am STILL in love with it.


       Think about that! What has lasted the longest in your closet that you still love? Most likely, it’s something that was on the expensive side. I spend my money on expensive items depending on whether I truly think they are worth it or not. The deciding factor on what’s worth it to me is based on the material of the piece. It is everything to me! If it is made with high-quality material, you know it will last a long time and the fit will be great. So to me, that makes it worth the price!

     Coats like this one are, in my opinion, an investment. It’s definitely something that won’t go out of style anytime soon. No matter what was trending when I wore this coat, I still got the “Omg, I love your coat” comments.


       I love how classy and elegant it is, and, at the same time, it is so unique and eye-catching. That leather combined with the color green does the magic.

        One more deciding factor for me is how much use I could get out of an item. I could be wearing a black dress and high heels or jeans and flats, and this coat would work well with either outfit. If I can wear it frequently, then that makes it worth it to me too! And how do you pick out your favorite pieces?

Your NDS Duo,


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