Keeping Ideas Alive

     Do you ever stop in the middle of the day asking yourself “what am I doing”? Meaning: what am I doing with my life, where am I going, what’s my future going to look like. I’m pretty sure everyone has thought this at some point in their lives. Even the most successful people doubt and question themselves.


        I believe that we can only reach the point of self-discovery through struggle and self-search. Only through the struggle we get to learn who we truly are. We have to get lost to discover things we wouldn’t have if we continued on the same, safe path.


     Driving or being on the train is usually time when I get to stay alone with my thoughts. I get to think (sometimes overthink) about what’s happening in my life right now and where I am headed. And that’s when this familiar feeling of an anxiety in my chest comes around. The sense of confusion and overwhelming urge to escape is what takes over and I feel paralyzed. I lose control. I start thinking of everything I haven’t done, as people tend to concentrate on the negative more than the positive.


      Do you ever feel the same way? Do you ever feel lost? It usually takes me a few minutes to calm down, to get back in control. In one of those moments of weakness I realized that the reason of me freaking out is because I lack a clear direction, or a direction at all. Sometimes the trains of thoughts and plans and ideas are so long that I just can’t see the end of them. So I started to write everything down. Once I had it all on paper (I’m an old school kinda soul), I felt somewhat relieved. You don’t always need to have that one perfect plan because things constantly change, but you do need to have a goal, and if you have more than one goal, write it down. The reason for this is because we tend to get distracted by our routine — be it school, job, relationships or the holiday season. It’s very easy to get off track, so write it all down the moment you have a new idea, plan, or just anytime you come up with something that might help make your life better down the road. Don’t be lazy. Be in control. It’s so much easier to see it all on paper rather than just in your head. When I write it out on paper, it makes me feel like I’m giving those thoughts power and it helps keep those ideas alive.

Your NDS Duo,




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