Kable Knit Sweater

zara kable knit sweater paired with zara light blue jeans
       It looks like we won’t be seeing any “sweater weather” in Chicago anytime soon, but I still would like to talk about my favorite cable knit sweater (you can find similar here, burgundy version here and orange one here ). This beige cream pullover is my N#1 pick especially if I have to pair it with jeans. “Laid back chic” is the look I go for every time I have brunch with friends, which this sweater is ideal for. It’s cute and cozy, just like weekends. You can dress it up or dress it down. Its perfect for spring as well as for fall. It saves you when sleeveless shirts are out for the season, and you are still trying to stay away from coats and jackets.
     For this particular outfit I paired my fav sweater with jeans (similar here, here and here) and tennis shoes. I have a button down underneath that I wore not only for style but mostly for the comfort. The sweaters can fill itchy against the skin, everyone is familiar with that.
      For the accessories I picked out my light pink Chloe bag, Givenchy sunglasses, and FRYE tennis shoes. Those who know the struggle of carrying huge bags around all week long, will understand why downsizing to this cute Chloe purse feels like a blessing. PLUS all of my essentials fit in!
        Givenchy sunglasses. Oh mine! That’s my favorite pair. I have a hard time finding sunglasses that look good on me, so when I find something I don’t think twice, I just go for it.
      I don’t wear these Frye tennis shoes often since they are on the expensive side. You would ask what’s the point of buying them then? Well, I had a legit reason for that. I was planning on going to Europe. And sometimes “planning” is just enough to start shopping (I obviously make up my own rules). I was sold on how cute and comfortable they were. Isn’t it the most important part about traveling shoes? So long story short, I ended up not going to Europe, but at least I got an extra pair of shoes!
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