How to Plan your Outfit to Avoid Last Minute Stress

Boyfriend's Jeans with see-through top and Black Heels

     How do you plan your outfits? Neither of us has an app for “wardrobe planning” because that would be just another app on the phone and another thing to get used to, and we can barely cop with Instagram (no joke)! Plus screenshots work just fine for us. BUT what to do when you travel? I feel that when I travel I don’t even have time to properly unpack (besides my skincare and makeup bag), which means good luck with picking out your outfit, and don’t you always want to make sure you look your best? Plus my brain doesn’t work under pressure, that’s why it’s better if things are planned out and my outfits as well.


         So here are few things that we find helpful:
       1. Thank you Instagram for making everything so much easier (seriously, first world problems). My phone used to be overloaded with screenshots of outfits. Now I can save them all on Instagram and come back to it. It helps you to actually remember what you like (lol). Here is what we saved in the last couple of days.
My Favorite Pinterest Picks
        2. Pinterest. Nothing will ever replace Pinterest. If you are one of the people that likes to keep everything organized, Pinterest is the way. I might like something today that would be only suitable for summer, so I create my board and and sections. I obviously started one for the summer pretty early, hoping it comes sooner than June 1st!!

Pinterest Outfits PlanningSummer 2018 Shoes Collection on Pinterest

     3. Photo Albums on my phone. No I’m not crazy, I just like my things organized. So here are a few ideas for you. This works for me when I have vacation planned sometime ahead so I have time to kind of browse around.

img_6169-1.jpg       4. And here is my favorite: flat lays. Why I love it the most… because it’s real, which means I truly get to work with everything that I already have. All of the above are just things that I get inspired with. You already know from your own experience how hard it is to actually track them down and be able to buy it. So the night I pack is also the night I take my flatlays, which turns my packing into a 5 hour project instead of an hour. It saves me tons of time on the trip I kid you not….ask my friends. Oh, and luggage space (your overweight suitcase will cost you sometimes more than your flight lol).

How are you planning your outfits?

Your NDS Duo,


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