Detailed Skirt and Off the Shoulder Black Top Affair

     Now that Valentine’s day is here ….. nope. Just kidding. We don’t have any suggestions for tonight because we figured you already have many people doing it for you. But if you are looking for cute outfit ideas or have some events coming up, you might find this post helpful.
    Here I’m wearing this silky skirt from Zara. Unfortunately, they are sold out (I guess that’s proof it’s cute), however here, here and here are the options I would follow trying to achieve this look.



      That off the shoulder top is one of my favorite things. You have no idea how often I wear it. I washed it about 100 times already, and it still looks and fits like a new one. I really like this one, I think it has the same fit, but if you are looking for something different  I have this option for you.



       Finally shoes. You can’t see it in these pictures, but I’m wearing black sock-style ankle boots from Zara (you probably have already figured out what’s my favorite clothing brand). The closest to the ones that I’m wearing would be this pair, but I think either this one or this one would be a great fit as well. There it is! Let us know which one you pick 🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Your NDS Duo

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