Pause. Take a deep breath. Keep going.

Balance is a key to health and success

There are a few things that consume my energy and make me feel tired: negativity, stress, and worrying about things that are out of my control.

Tea time Starting out our beauty and fashion blog has been an exciting journey, but also an exhausting one. We both have full time jobs, which means there are sacrifices we make to keep doing what we love.

Things as waking up at 6 am so we can meet for at least 3 hours every day/every other day and work on new projects. The idea of us creating something is what keeps us going. We feel accomplished. We know that we always have the choice to sleep in or to reschedule our weekly photoshoots, but then how we are going to succeed if we let tiredness be in charge?

Constantly being on the phone throughout the day can be very draining. Not only for us, but also for people around us. This is why we take it a little bit easy on Sundays, so we both can find space and time for our family and friends. Balance is key to success and to healthy living.

keep on moving forward

One of the things that we both find very helpful is power naps and yoga. If you take a 20 min nap you feel like a new person right after. I know it’s hard to find space and time, but trust me – it will change your life. Yoga is probably the only one time when we are able to take our minds off work. Technically that’s the only time when we are not thinking about work, but actually focused on something else, like poses and breathing. It helps to relax and take a step back, find the space where we can reconnect with our inner-selves.

Whatever that is that makes you feel tired or exhausted it will all be worth it at the end – just don’t forget why you started. Pause. Take a deep breath. Keep going.

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