Don’t Settle

Don’t settle. Don’t settle for a guy, a job, a city, or ice cream with no chocolate. Don’t settle just because someone has told you need to figure all of the above right here and right now.

         Settling is not romantic. Settling doesn’t mean you are falling in love. Settling is just a decision that you are making but only out of fear of being alone. And let me tell you this: you are worth so much better.

       Don’t waste your time on people that you don’t care for. Don’t waste their time. It’s not fair. Don’t lead people on. Don’t feel bad for them, because that’s not what they want from you. No one wants your pity. No one deserves your pity. Communicate your feelings to people. Tell them how you feel, they will appreciate it later. Tell them the truth, tell them if there is someone else in the picture. Don’t hide it. Don’t kill their trust from step one. Losing trust is irreversible thing. You will never get that back again.

      Don’t settle. Your time is too valuable to spend it on people that you have no interested in, and your time is the only thing that you are entitled to in this life. They call it “your time” for a reason, so don’t waste it on people that don’t matter to you.

          No matter how old you are don’t let yourself forget to believe in love. It exists. It will find you, just don’t settle out of fear.

Your NDS Duo,


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