How Do I Find My Everyday Motivation

       How do you keep those engines of motivation roaring? Sometimes a cup of coffee simply won’t cut it. No, you need REAL motivation. Where do you get yours?

      I’m a huuuuge fan of “how it all began” stories. I love learning about how brands were created and how successful companies were launched. There’s just something about reading the backstory of how a company started, often from humble beginnings, that makes anything seem possible. It lights me up and gets those creative wheels turning!


      These kinds of stories might give you a better idea of what a company is all about, what their mission is at the core, but most importantly get some stories and experiences that inspire you to believe in your own ideas.


        One of my favorite podcasts in the beauty industry is @breakingbeauty. This is how I got to know and trust brands such as @drunkelephant, @glossier, @smashbox, @lancome, @caudalie and many more. It’s very interesting to take a look behind-the-scenes, get the inside scoop on what sparked a great business idea, learn how they started, find out how much money they invested at the very beginning, and how many years it took them to create another unicorn in the ultra-competitive beauty industry.


     As I was going to our meeting this morning, I finally finished an episode about my favorite hair tools company, @invisibobble, which has changed my hair-ties game forever. But we won’t be talking about hair today. Instead, I want to share some advice that Sophie would like to give to those who are trying to navigate the business world:

“Do as much as you can possibly do, meaning only hire people on board if you really require them. If you can still do work yourself, do so, because as soon as you hire people, that’s a task you give away, which means you are farther away from that task and you have less control or understanding of that area. It’s very crucial in the beginning that you don’t hire too many people and you yourself don’t quite know what you are doing. That’s why you can’t pass that on to the rest of the team.”

Hope you’re feeling inspired! Happy Friday!

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