My love for short trips: Miami edition

If there is one thing I love more than work, fashion, reading and spending time with my friends, it’s combining everything that I mentioned with 80 degree weather.


There are a few things that I love about short getaways:

1.  Not much planning is needed. When it’s just a quick weekend trip, then I can focus on relaxing. Because I know I won’t have much time to see or do too many things, I can let myself be lazy. No need to pack or plan two weeks’ worth of outfits. I honestly struggle to pack for a two-day getaway, and by that I mean I usually end up bringing too much clothing, or too many pairs of shoes and my whole vanity. The struggle is real.


2. Quality time with friends without getting on each other’s nerves. No matter how much you love your friends, a four-day trip might sometimes be overdoing  it. Three days away tend to work best for most people. (I really hope not many of my friends are reading this!)


3. Short trips make me appreciate my getaways more. Since I know there is not much time to waste on a short trip, those two or three days will slip away faster than I can blink. For that reason, I try to make the best of every moment.


4. They say that people who take vacations are much happier and calmer. Imagine taking a trip once a month? Taking quick trips to other cities and getting a change of scenery, even if it’s just for the weekend, works magic.

Your NDS Duo,



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