Everything You Need to Know About Create & Cultivate Conference

       Create & Cultivate is a conference with dozens of inspiring female influencers and entrepreneurs. For the most part, this conference takes place in big cities, and I was thrilled when I found out it was coming to Chicago! I bought my ticket right away before they sold out, which happened super fast. So if you are planning to go next year, please make sure to buy your ticket right away. The hype around this conference is huge, which means tickets are only available for a short period of time.

      One of the reasons that I’m here today is to shed some light on what this event is all about, what to expect, and how things actually proceed. I would have loved if someone had shared those tips with me before my first conference. Ready! Set! Go!


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      A week before the conference, you will receive a box containing all the things you will need for the day of the event. This includes: a badge with the track you will be on (track 1 or track 2), your mentor card with the name of your mentors for that day, a pin to wear, and a card explaining what you should bring with you the day of the event. The day before the actual conference, you get to go to the happy hour where you can network with fellow attendees. Technically, that gives you  two legit days getting to know people in the beauty and fashion industry. Isn’t that amazing? You will need to bring your badge or show you email confirmation along with your license upon arrival.

        The day of the conference:

Guest Speakers included: Shay Mitchell, Jaclyn Johnson, Marianna Hewitt, Whitney Port, Chriselle Lim, Ashley Tisdale, Jennifer Hudson, & Alli Webb from Drybar

        Check-in time is from 8 to 9am. The minute I heard the time I was like OMG, that’s so early! But these are the things you do for success :). A huge line shouldn’t surprise you since everyone is getting there practically at the same time, so just be patient and use it as another chance to network with people around you.

       There will be two tracks going on at the same time the entire day, each switching stages with different speakers. Track one was more business oriented and the speakers were mainly focused on finance. One of the most memorable ones for me was Vital Proteins. Meanwhile, track two focused on creating content and influencer marketing with speakers like Whitney Port and Chriselle Lim. If you want a good seat in the front, I would suggest waiting in line early to walk into the next track because space fills up really quickly.

     There are plenty of vendors to keep you entertained if you aren’t interested in listening to certain speakers, but if you are like me and wouldn’t want to miss any speakers, don’t worry. There is a break time for you to explore all the vendors! Besides that, you will receive a swag bag with so many products from the vendors, so make sure you either bring a bigger bag with you that day or grab a bag one of the vendors are handing out so you can carry everything! Side note: You won’t get your swag bag until you leave so you don’t have to carry it around the whole day.

Vendors at the conference included: Living Proof, Nordstrom, Big Sexy Hair Products, Sephora, JC Penny, McDonalds, Sweet Greens, La Croix, Oui Atelier, Kombucha, Vital Proteins, WeddingWire, & Bic Soleil

        Side note: there is also breakfast in the morning, lunch, and evening snacks so you won’t starve!

        Okay, last but not least! BRING YOUR BUSINESS/CONTACT CARDS WITH YOU. There is so much networking to be done at these events. Don’t be shy to talk to anyone or ask for their business card. Everyone is there to learn, and learning involves making new connections and developing relationships with people. FedEx can make the most simple business cards for you to bring to the event. Even if you don’t have a business yet, you can always have ones made that just have your name, email and phone number on it. You don’t want people to have to find somewhere to write it down when you exchange information. (That’s just not professional.) Business cards are the most efficient way to go.

This is talent right here. La Croix had the talented artist Lindsey Kate drawing everyone who came up to their booth. She is a Fashion Illustrator.

That’s it for now! If there is anything you would like more insight on from the conference, just comment below!


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