How to Stay Productive When Working Remotely

     Not in million years would I have thought that working remotely would be a possibility for me. But, those are just the perks of our generation that we all should be grateful for and I hope everyone who reads this can experience that one day (including my NDS partner, Caroline). The real question is, how do you stay organized and still get everything accomplished with all of the freedom that comes from the blessing of “working remotely”?

          I will be honest, it ain’t always easy. If I’m going  to be completely honest, I am still figuring out my way in this 100% digital workspace. Today I’m going to share a few things that have been working for me so far:

        1. Working from Home: For anyone that has tried it, you likely know about all of the distractions that come along with working remotely. Things that can help you stay in check include starting your day by taking a shower and making your bed. Working in pajamas doesn’t bother me, but I certainly can’t work from my bedroom. Don’t skip your usual routine just because you are staying at home. The only thing I would suggest is skipping your makeup, and instead try a mask so your skin gets some benefits while you work, too.

          2. Coffee Shops: I love coffee shops. If I had to pick the perfect place to work from, it would absolutely be the coffee shop. The atmosphere helps me to stay focused. I had to try a few in order to find the one that works best for me. Call me picky (well, maybe because I actually am!), but the music has to stay at a certain volume, seats have to be comfortable, and having healthy snacks available is always a plus. You don’t always stumble upon a coffee shop that has that, and there is nothing worse than being overly caffeinated and hungry. So make sure to bring some snacks with you if you know that the coffee shop doesn’t offer it.


      3. WeWork: This is also a great option. Where do I begin? I think those three months that I worked from a WeWork location were the most productive months ever. For those who have never heard of it, WeWork is a shared workspace for people that work remotely. You can rent a dedicated office or try one of their first come, first served desks for a lower commitment. The atmosphere has my working mood on point. Everyone there is extremely quiet and respectful of your space, so there are literally no distractions. You have a separate space for phone calls, which helps you maintain some privacy, and you won’t risk annoying people around you while you chat on the phone.  Plus they usually have free coffee and beer…I mean, you pay a decent amount of money for the membership, so that’s one of the ways it pays off. Also, many are open 24/7, unlike your hometown coffee shop.

      4. Prioritizing is important. Whether you are working from home or a coffee shop, the only way to get things done is to actually be doing something. Prioritizing is the key, and what really works for me is writing everything out. Plan your goals for the week, and then for every day. Having a game plan ahead of time will help keep you organized as the week unfolds, since distractions tend to pop up along the way. I always try to plan at least a day in advance, adding things to my list as the day progresses.

     5. If you work from home, create a dedicated workspace. There is nothing better than having everything you need handy and your desk cleared off. But if you have a million projects going on, good luck with that one. I’m praying for this to happen for me, since my desk can is home to everything from magazines to measuring tape, and sometimes even fabrics. But I do feel more productive when everything gets cleared off, that I can say for sure.

     Share in the comments what tips have been working for you, and hopefully we can learn from each other.




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