Youth to the People Kale + Green Tea Spinach Vitamins Superfood Cleanser

Let me introduce you to the first product I’ve tried from The Youth to The People: Superfood Cleanser.

🌿This one is super light, it is only foaming due to my hands working air in and not from the formula, which means there is no place for chemicals.

🌿It’s not perfumy which is definitely something to avoid in your skincare products.

🌿The formula is super gentle, which won’t melt your make up away in 30 seconds for that reason I only use it in the morning.

🌿The cleanser contains clean and effective ingredients, and for the girl with oily acne prone skin you couldn’t ask for better ingredients than kale, spinach, and green tea🍵.

Btw it’s constantly out of stock, I guess that says something about the product as well. 🙌🏼 Have you ever tried it?



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