Why Layering Is The Best Part of Fall and Winter Fashion

The best part about fall and winter is layering. I love that I can take all of my favorite pieces and still wear them no matter what the temperature is like outside. You can still look cute and fashionable even when the temperature drops. There are two ways to approach layering: You can go the monochromatic route and create a very clean, sophisticated look using one color, or choose an outfit with a contrasting pop of color, just like I did with these denim pieces.

Black suede coat in combination with grey turtle neck sweater.

So many of my friends loved this look so here is where you can shop these pieces or similar ones:

  1. High Neck Sweater: $65. 2. Knit Turtleneck Sweater $34.99. 3. Turtleneck Sweater $75. 4. Great Heights Frayed Skinny Jeans $78. 5. 9 – Inch Torn Knee Skinny Jeans $89.99. 6. Camden Sweater Coat $178. 7. Janet Vegan Suede Trench Coat $100. 8. Ellie Double Face Wool Blend Wrap Coat $139.90. 9. Genuine Suede Trench Coat $249.49. 10. Mel Faux Suede Trench Coat $194.99. 11. Suede Look Coat $49. 12. Bootie $64.50. 13. Women’s Dante Pointed Toe Leather Booties $129. 14. Devin Pointy Toe Bootie $119.90 (40% off).

Glossy ankle boots and light summer jeans.Black suede coat and chunky dark grey turtle neck.

Nadia & Caroline

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