11 Instagram Looks We Loved in 2018

Now that 2018 is on its last note, it’s time for those resolutions to start filling up your notebooks. We don’t only like to fixate on the future, we also like to look back and appreciate all that has happened. And if you are a fashion lover like we are, then we say it’s time to reflect on the best fashion moments of this year. By that we mean: 11 best street style outfits of the 2018.

Where do we begin? Let’s start with one thing that we love most: our Instagram feed. If you are not part of the “I find my looks on Instagram” club, then you need to step your game up. No hard feelings. It’s time to join the club (or clan, as some say). Instagram is the first place things are usually happening. We confess to stalking the wardrobes of Instagram icons, but we plead Not Guilty because how could anyone resist? Deep down in our hearts, we truly hope that one of these days we can poke our heads into their real-life closets. Still: Not Guilty.

Throughout the past year, we have saved thousands of pictures of looks we love, pieces we want in our closets and beauty products worth the rave. So when we tell you we picked out our top fave looks of 2018, you can only imagine how much scrolling was involved. But hey, it’s time to give those people the credit they deserve.

Xenia Adonts in brown crop top and hight waisted suede pants for Paris Fashion Week
Xenia Adonts

1.Xenia Adonts and this killer Paris Fashion Week 2018 look.

Camila Coelho in long leopard jacket on her coffee walk
Camila Coelho

2. Camilla Coehlo and her best-yet leopard coat.

Taylor LaShae is wearing polka dots black sheer top, black pants and white animal print ankle boots
Taylor LaShae

3. Taylor LaShae. Would you argue about fashion with a French girl? Don’t think so.

Negin Mirsalehi is wearing black turtle neck sweater and black leather mini skirt on a rainy day
Negin Mirsalehi

4. Oh, Negin. Hand us that skirt along with that bag, please.

Linh Niller is wearing all whites: knit white winter sweater, high waisted pants and short fur coat
Linh Niller

5. Linh Niller. No other “all white” look could beat this one.

Ruta in long sleeves yellow dress and mini belt leather yellow bag

6. RUTA and this structured yellow dress that’s appropriate for all seasons.

Blair Eadie is wearing checkered jumpsuit and black blazer with bottoms
Blair Eadie

7. Blaire Eadie. A checkered jumpsuit has never looked so chic.

Marta Lozano is wearing white T-shirt, checkered blazer  and a fur brown coat
Marta Lozano

8. Marta Lozano. Talk about ideal layering skills.

Belen Hostalet riding a boat this summer in Venecia wearing white linen pants and orange one shoulder shirt
Belen Hostalet

9. Belen Hostalet. No one rocks a “white hat” quite as well as her.

Lainy Sedaya is posing in a black swimsuit and black fishnet skirt on the beach
Lainy Hedaya

10. Lainy Hedaya, thanks for making one-piece swimwear look so good.

Leonie Hanne is posing in oversized white sweater, velvet brown pants and high brown boots
Leonie Hanne

11. Leonie Hanna and her “always on point” accessories game.

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