Recap of 12 Looks That Made 2018 Memorable

Welcome back, and thank you for sticking with us throughout the year. We didn’t have an anniversary blog post since life got in the way, and sometimes we can hardly even keep up with emergency matters. It’s been a little over a year since NDS made its first steps into the blogging world, and it’s been an amazing, yet crazy…more like sleepless, overly-caffeinated ride. And yes, we loved every minute of it. It’s been a year of learning, not only about the fashion world, but about technology as well. But let’s leave it at that.
We are so grateful for this platform where we get to be who we are and express ourselves about the things we love most: fashion and beauty. There are so many goals we have yet to accomplish and so many resolutions yet to write, but it wouldn’t be the end of the year without a recap of the looks that make us proud to be your NDS duo:

Fashion blogger sitting at the table drinking coffee and mimosas in the restaurant in Seattle.

1. Sleepless in Seattle.

Fashion blogger walking down the street holding a coffee cup.

2. All fall faves for a coffee run.

Fashion blogger wearing black top and ripped high waisted jeans is sitting on a brown leather couch.

3. Nothing can beat that original jean icon: Levi’s.

Wearing a two piece from urban outfitters in LA

4. The most instagrammable places are in LA.

Summer days on the boat.

5. Boating in Chicago because I can…2 months out of the year.

Sipping on some coffee on a leather couch.

6. My winter outfits mainly consist of white sweaters & light denim.

Taking a selfie wearing all black everything.

7. Thank you tights for making skirts possible in the winter.

Wearing all black.

8. High crown hats. Hope we can bring them with to 2019.

Fashion blogger is a beige trench coat walking down the street.

9. Glad those tench coats make their return every year.

Summer night fashion blogger is posing in black sheer top and black sheer skirt.

10. Anything goes in Miami.

Fashion blogger is sitting on brown leather couch wearing black blazer and black glossy pants.

11. My most glamorous piece of this season: glossy leather pants.

Fashion blogger wearing striped blazer crossing a street in NYC

12. There is something about NYC that helps you step up your #ootd game.

Nadia & Caroline

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