Fall 2018 Trends: Oversized Coats, Animal Print and More

Fall 2018 Trends: Oversized Coats, Animal Print and More

      When you live in Chicago and have four seasons (more like two actually, temperature-wise it feels more like three months of summer and nine months of winter here!), you end up having more clothes than you can actually fit in your closet. Long story short, September is approaching pretty quickly, so we are happy to announce it’s time to shop for fall. Personally, I can’t wait to embrace the art of layering, especially since it seems this time around trends are heavily inspired by the 80’s. If you are a girl always on the hunt for trends like I am, you will probably find more plaid, animal print, statement coats, velvet and lace, bustier dresses and cozy oversized sweaters in your wardrobe this season.

           Here are some fall outfits to give you some shopping inspiration!

Staple Pieces Everyone Needs to Have in Their Closet
          Oversized coats. Simply put, the most versatile and transitional staple piece that one can own. The best part is that you can pull it off with anything and it works for any occasion. But if you were to ask me this season’s style recipe, I would say here are the ingredients: a classic black coat, a colorful coat to add interest to all of your looks, and a plaid coat, which is definitely the most sought after trend for Fall 2018. Here are some options for you to shop: The Date Night Blazer, Don’t Sugarcoat it Longline Coat, Lily Knit Back Midi Coat, Mural Blazer Midi Coat, Feutre Coat, Lapels Structured Coat, Unstructured Wool-Blend Coat.
Most Favorite Looks with Animal Print Pieces
       Animal print. This fall, get excited for animal prints to make a comeback, with everything from  leopard to snakeskin gracing the runway. If you ask me, it almost feels like it hasn’t been gone for that long. If you are going for more of a luxurious look or if you are trying to hit the high-charts with killer street style, then it’s a great idea to mix in some color and give some space to let the animal print take center stage by keeping it simple in the accessories department. Get inspired by these pieces: Perfect Pair Oblong Bandana, Kate Leopard Coat, Leopard Chevron Sweater, Foldover Calf Hair Clutch, X Revolve Delaney Duster, X Revolve Bada Bodysuit, Pant 88.
Must Have Oversized Sweaters for This Fall Season

        Cozy sweaters. Aren’t you happy these never seem to go out of style? The coziest part of the fall season is big, comfy oversized knit sweaters. Just one con worth mentioning: the room they take up in your closet and drawers. But you know yourself that it’s worth it. Every time I’m pursuing a stylish or classic look, I go for cream, black and white colored sweaters. For something fun and maybe more casual, I pick one of my bright colored or patterned sweaters. Shop some options here: GCDS Logo Sweater, East Coast Wrap Sweater, Softly Structured Tunic, Jill Sweater, Twister Sweater, Patterned Top, Rib-Knit Sweater, Cora Sweater.


Let the fall shopping begin.

Jumpsuits Are My New Summer Love

Jumpsuits Are My New Summer Love

        If we had to pick our favorite outfits of this spring/summer so far, not one but several pieces from  would have made it on the list. We learned about this online shop from a friend, and even got to meet the owner who just recently launched her website. Danielle, just like the two of us, has decided to pursue one of her passions: fashion. She has always believed that clothes can really help people express their individual personalities: “I love how an outfit can completely change a person’s mood or self-esteem with the addition of a pair of bold heels or a colorful bag. I want to sell clothing that makes women feel confident! Mixing that with my career in social media advertising has brought us here!” Her online store was officially launched April 15th, 2018 and we are here to share some of our favorite looks that we put together from ShopSocialGal:

        1. The Center of Attention Stripe Jumpsuit. Trust me, she called it this for a reason. It’s hard to tell you how many compliments I received when I wore it, but there was definitely a whole bunch. It’s certainly one of the best pieces I got to try on. The fabric is extremely soft and light. I combined it with this straw bag from Zara and these Rachelle-2 Suede Sandals from Vince.

Rompers Is My New Summer Loveimg_0002

      2. Fit For a Queen Navy Romper Maxi. There are two things that make this piece unique. First, it’s a short romper that is hidden beneath a full, long skirt, and second, it has an open back. So cute! It has a beautiful v-neck that allowed me to show off some of my favorite pieces of jewelry so far this summer. Could it get any better?!

Blue and White Striped Romper

img_0012Gold Necklaces in Combination with Stripy Romperimg_0013

     3. My Lucky Peonies Floral Off the Shoulder Dress. Like any good clothing store, ShopSocialGal stocked up on some cute floral dresses for summer, like this one. It is my absolute favorite, and I think the off-the-shoulder part must have something to do with it. Florals will never go out of style, that’s something that is guaranteed. I love to pair these types of dresses with my “Lavette” Perforated Peep Toe Bootie from Vince Camuto, especially when I’m trying to keep my look casual.

Red Floral Summer Dress

Off The Shoulder Short Floral DressOff The Shoulder Red Floral Summer Dress

           4. Dance the Night Away Navy Romper. Who doesn’t have more than one jumpsuit in their closet, if not more than that? I love a good jumpsuit. They’re fast, easy and stylish.This one specifically was so cute and comfortable to wear. It would be perfect to wear to an outdoor event or street fest. You can dress it up with heels or dress it down with some flats. The jumpsuit really stands out, which means that you don’t need many accessories. Perfect for summer days or nights!

        ShopSocialGal is constantly adding more items to the collection, so there is always something new and on trend available! Danielle eventually wants to expand the store into bags, shoes, and jewelry. Possibly her own graphic tee line as well! All things that are comfortable and cute. We are so excited for this!

Happy Shopping!

Your NDS Duo,


The Accessory Trend that Will Never Leave for Good: Hoop Earrings

The Accessory Trend that Will Never Leave for Good: Hoop Earrings
      Do you ever fall behind on trends? Welcome to my life. It takes me time to catch up on some fashion trends, and in this case we are talking about hoop earrings. They made a comeback in 2017, but only recently have I begun falling back in love with them…..but as they say: better late than never. 
The Chuck Taylor All-Star is a staple: the high-top and oxford silhouettes stay simply classic, while the white laces and star ankle patch give a nod to the legacy of the Chuck. This is the go-with-everything go-to that you won’t get sick of going to.

       If you had met me in the 90s, all that you would have found in my jewelry box were huge hoop earrings, and I  was absolutely obsessed with those shoulder-sweeping hoops, which would literally make me keep my posture straight. My mom was happy. It was the only time she wouldn’t have to lecture me about my posture.


Never let go of the ‘90s with these vintage-inspired chain bracelets.

      Being a 90s baby and seeing trends like this coming back makes me feel a little sad because it means I’m getting older, but then again it’s so nice to see them back around. But for the most part, I love how they are coming back in different shapes and sizes, and my favorite is gold! Gold was never my thing and I don’t even have explanation as to why, but lately all I ever look at are gold pieces. If I need to be extra honest, I think Negin Mirsalehi is responsible for it. 

slightly wide-cut, relaxed-fit construction sweater

         Of course, the best part is that you can pair them with any outfit. You name it: from a casual blouse to long summer dresses and even that one fancy black dress.

absolutely essential knit sweater from Urban Outfitters.
       You will always need at least need 1 pair of hoop earrings in your jewelry collection!
Your NDS Duo

Where Do I Shop for My Most Favorite Swimwear Pieces?

Where Do I Shop for My Most Favorite Swimwear Pieces?

     Vacation season is here! For most of us that means beach, hot weather settings! So now would be the right time to start your hunt for some trendy swimsuits. I don’t know how you get the swimwear shopping done, but i’m part of the “shopping online” team, particularly because it gets uncomfortable at the times (i won’t be getting into the details), but also the lighting kills it for me as well, so online shopping it is. Enough talking let’s to the point: today I’m going to guide you through my most favorite swimwear online shops. Ready. Set. Go.


Naked Wardrobe: we all know this brand for it’s insanely affordable, curve-hugging bodysuits and dresses. BUT, what have been life changing for me (I know I can get obsessive at times) it’s their swimsuits. The way the fit… I mean just go look on pictures on Instagram. I’m here to tell you that those pictures don’t lie. I have bought three of them and honestly have loved them all. Favorites: BAD BEACH BANDEAU BIKINI , TANKED ON THE BEACH ONE PIECE, MESH ME OVER COVER-UP.


Fox Swimwear: this swimwear brand is part of the Australian online shopping company White Fox Boutique. The color and the quality of the material doesn’t get ruined no matter how many times you wash it. Trust me on that. Another great thing about this brand is that if you love one color you can chose from a couple of differently styles, the ones that fits you best! The only problem is that you will love all of the options, so be careful and don’t hurt your bank account. Another quick advice: don’t let those items live in your cart for too long, because they get to sell out pretty quickly. Favorites: PALM SPRINGS BIKINI TOP RED RIB, ST TROPEZ ONE PIECE TANGERINE, TULA BOTTOMS RED RIB.



Onia: WeWoreWhat Collection: well known influencer Danielle Bernstein teamed up with Onia to create her own line, which is so freaking cute!! Reviews will tell you that all of the pieces fit great. They are a bit higher in the price but that’s only because they are more on the high end side. If you are debating wether to splurge or not, think of this: if those pieces are more expensive, there is a chance they will last longer. 😉 Favorites: LYDIA BIKINI TOP, EMILY BIKINI TOP, DANIELLE ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT. Btw, they have 25% off your purchase on Memorial Day Weekend.

Revolve: finally get to tell you about my most favorite place to shop for everything: starting with dresses and ending with shoes. I don’t think there are any other online shops that will give you so many options and all from different brands as Revolve. If you are on a hunt for trendy things, Revolve got you all covered. Favorites: THE CLEVELAND ONE PIECE, SHINE BRIGHT TOP (with the bottoms), HAVANA BANDEAU TOP (with the bottoms). Cover up: PEEK A BOO, KIRA ONE PIECE BIKINIHILARY PANT.

Happy swimwear shopping lovelies!

Your NDS Duo,



My love for short trips: Miami edition

My love for short trips: Miami edition

If there is one thing I love more than work, fashion, reading and spending time with my friends, it’s combining everything that I mentioned with 80 degree weather.


There are a few things that I love about short getaways:

1.  Not much planning is needed. When it’s just a quick weekend trip, then I can focus on relaxing. Because I know I won’t have much time to see or do too many things, I can let myself be lazy. No need to pack or plan two weeks’ worth of outfits. I honestly struggle to pack for a two-day getaway, and by that I mean I usually end up bringing too much clothing, or too many pairs of shoes and my whole vanity. The struggle is real.


2. Quality time with friends without getting on each other’s nerves. No matter how much you love your friends, a four-day trip might sometimes be overdoing  it. Three days away tend to work best for most people. (I really hope not many of my friends are reading this!)


3. Short trips make me appreciate my getaways more. Since I know there is not much time to waste on a short trip, those two or three days will slip away faster than I can blink. For that reason, I try to make the best of every moment.


4. They say that people who take vacations are much happier and calmer. Imagine taking a trip once a month? Taking quick trips to other cities and getting a change of scenery, even if it’s just for the weekend, works magic.

Your NDS Duo,



Trending Spring Piece: Trench Coat

Trending Spring Piece: Trench Coat
     Good morning! Warmer weather is on its way! Could you think of any better combination than a trench coat and jeans for street style in spring?

     Pair it with different shoes and tops to get a variety of stylish looks. Sometimes it almost feels like an accessory: since that one piece will make you look trendy and fashionable at the same time.

      Don’t forget about sunglasses because details in fashion matter more than anything. You can find similar coat here, glossy boots from Vince Camuto here  and…. my favorite one piece that I wear with everything from Naked Wardrobe here. They just restocked so yes I bought another one. Currently I have two in my closet now. OH WELLLL.

Happy Wednesday!

Your NDS Duo,


Dark Navy Pants in Combination with Glossy Ankle Boots

Dark Navy Pants in Combination with Glossy Ankle Boots

      I have a hard time narrowing down my choices when it comes to social events. What to wear? I’m sure you hear/say this a lot: «I have nothing to wear», even though your closet is overloaded with clothes. I feel that appearing in public puts a little more pressure on you, especially if your business is all about beauty, fashion and styling. 

c67bd717-ef15-4cde-a7ca-16ab29a08b88  About two weeks ago we attended #OakStreetFashionShow that took place @thompsonchicago. The best part was that all the proceeds of the event went to the Glass Slipper Project which is an organization that provides young girls the dresses and accessories to go to prom with. Being so passionate about fashion we know exactly how clothes can make you feel – powerful, strong, confident, and of course pretty. We find it so important for every girl to feel beautiful and feel that she fits in, regardless of what they can afford. If you would like to donate any dresses or accessories you can do so by following this link.  Sooooo about that night 👉🏻 


I decided to go with dark blue @zara pants (too bad the pic is too dark to see the color) and I styled it with a black bodysuit. You can find similar pants here and here and here (I’m obsessed with the pair). 


To make it more fun and trendy I went with a high crown hat (seriously the hottest thing of this season). Find similar here and here and here. And glossy boots from @vincecamuto.  Buy similar here and here and here. 

Happy Tuesday! 🖤

Your NDS Duo,


Velvet Black Cocktail Dress

Velvet Black Cocktail Dress

      When you buy a dress and spend some money on it, you want to make sure you will get to wear it a lot. We girls don’t like to be seen in the same outfit too often, that’s why we come up with different ways of styling our best pieces. One of my favorite dresses is this Velvet  Black Cocktail Dress from Alice & Olivia. I like how elegant it is but still with a hint of fire.



      You can get exactly the same one, or look into similar options like this one or this one, or more affordable here.



      On top I’m wearing camel Armani Blazer, but it looks like they have sold out. Argh. Buuuuut I think these three options will be a great fit as well. Camel Hair Blazer from Talbots, or this more affordable J.Crew Women’s Parke Blazer  (I’m actually going to buy this one in navy for myself).


       Shoes. Oh these shoes. You have seen them all over our blog. My obsession with them is that they make you look taller, slimmer (yes, you read that right) and of course sexy. You can find this style anywhere from Steve Madden (btw these are on SALE) to Vince Camuto.

Your NDS Duo,



Detailed Skirt and Off the Shoulder Black Top Affair

Detailed Skirt and Off the Shoulder Black Top Affair
     Now that Valentine’s day is here ….. nope. Just kidding. We don’t have any suggestions for tonight because we figured you already have many people doing it for you. But if you are looking for cute outfit ideas or have some events coming up, you might find this post helpful.
    Here I’m wearing this silky skirt from Zara. Unfortunately, they are sold out (I guess that’s proof it’s cute), however here, here and here are the options I would follow trying to achieve this look.



      That off the shoulder top is one of my favorite things. You have no idea how often I wear it. I washed it about 100 times already, and it still looks and fits like a new one. I really like this one, I think it has the same fit, but if you are looking for something different  I have this option for you.



       Finally shoes. You can’t see it in these pictures, but I’m wearing black sock-style ankle boots from Zara (you probably have already figured out what’s my favorite clothing brand). The closest to the ones that I’m wearing would be this pair, but I think either this one or this one would be a great fit as well. There it is! Let us know which one you pick 🙂
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Your NDS Duo

How to Plan your Outfit to Avoid Last Minute Stress

How to Plan your Outfit to Avoid Last Minute Stress

     How do you plan your outfits? Neither of us has an app for “wardrobe planning” because that would be just another app on the phone and another thing to get used to, and we can barely cop with Instagram (no joke)! Plus screenshots work just fine for us. BUT what to do when you travel? I feel that when I travel I don’t even have time to properly unpack (besides my skincare and makeup bag), which means good luck with picking out your outfit, and don’t you always want to make sure you look your best? Plus my brain doesn’t work under pressure, that’s why it’s better if things are planned out and my outfits as well.


         So here are few things that we find helpful:
       1. Thank you Instagram for making everything so much easier (seriously, first world problems). My phone used to be overloaded with screenshots of outfits. Now I can save them all on Instagram and come back to it. It helps you to actually remember what you like (lol). Here is what we saved in the last couple of days.
My Favorite Pinterest Picks
        2. Pinterest. Nothing will ever replace Pinterest. If you are one of the people that likes to keep everything organized, Pinterest is the way. I might like something today that would be only suitable for summer, so I create my board and and sections. I obviously started one for the summer pretty early, hoping it comes sooner than June 1st!!

Pinterest Outfits PlanningSummer 2018 Shoes Collection on Pinterest

     3. Photo Albums on my phone. No I’m not crazy, I just like my things organized. So here are a few ideas for you. This works for me when I have vacation planned sometime ahead so I have time to kind of browse around.

img_6169-1.jpg       4. And here is my favorite: flat lays. Why I love it the most… because it’s real, which means I truly get to work with everything that I already have. All of the above are just things that I get inspired with. You already know from your own experience how hard it is to actually track them down and be able to buy it. So the night I pack is also the night I take my flatlays, which turns my packing into a 5 hour project instead of an hour. It saves me tons of time on the trip I kid you not….ask my friends. Oh, and luggage space (your overweight suitcase will cost you sometimes more than your flight lol).

How are you planning your outfits?

Your NDS Duo,