The Accessory Trend that Will Never Leave for Good: Hoop Earrings

The Accessory Trend that Will Never Leave for Good: Hoop Earrings
      Do you ever fall behind on trends? Welcome to my life. It takes me time to catch up on some fashion trends, and in this case we are talking about hoop earrings. They made a comeback in 2017, but only recently have I begun falling back in love with them…..but as they say: better late than never. 
The Chuck Taylor All-Star is a staple: the high-top and oxford silhouettes stay simply classic, while the white laces and star ankle patch give a nod to the legacy of the Chuck. This is the go-with-everything go-to that you won’t get sick of going to.

       If you had met me in the 90s, all that you would have found in my jewelry box were huge hoop earrings, and I  was absolutely obsessed with those shoulder-sweeping hoops, which would literally make me keep my posture straight. My mom was happy. It was the only time she wouldn’t have to lecture me about my posture.


Never let go of the ‘90s with these vintage-inspired chain bracelets.

      Being a 90s baby and seeing trends like this coming back makes me feel a little sad because it means I’m getting older, but then again it’s so nice to see them back around. But for the most part, I love how they are coming back in different shapes and sizes, and my favorite is gold! Gold was never my thing and I don’t even have explanation as to why, but lately all I ever look at are gold pieces. If I need to be extra honest, I think Negin Mirsalehi is responsible for it. 

slightly wide-cut, relaxed-fit construction sweater

         Of course, the best part is that you can pair them with any outfit. You name it: from a casual blouse to long summer dresses and even that one fancy black dress.

absolutely essential knit sweater from Urban Outfitters.
       You will always need at least need 1 pair of hoop earrings in your jewelry collection!
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Velvet Black Cocktail Dress

Velvet Black Cocktail Dress

      When you buy a dress and spend some money on it, you want to make sure you will get to wear it a lot. We girls don’t like to be seen in the same outfit too often, that’s why we come up with different ways of styling our best pieces. One of my favorite dresses is this Velvet  Black Cocktail Dress from Alice & Olivia. I like how elegant it is but still with a hint of fire.



      You can get exactly the same one, or look into similar options like this one or this one, or more affordable here.



      On top I’m wearing camel Armani Blazer, but it looks like they have sold out. Argh. Buuuuut I think these three options will be a great fit as well. Camel Hair Blazer from Talbots, or this more affordable J.Crew Women’s Parke Blazer  (I’m actually going to buy this one in navy for myself).


       Shoes. Oh these shoes. You have seen them all over our blog. My obsession with them is that they make you look taller, slimmer (yes, you read that right) and of course sexy. You can find this style anywhere from Steve Madden (btw these are on SALE) to Vince Camuto.

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